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    Address: Adobe Art Gallery

    20395 San Miguel Ave. Castro Valley, CA94546

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    Summer. 2018

    Oil Painting Group Exhibition


    Fremont, CA 6/23-25/2018

    "一场蓄谋已久的偶遇 ”


    Fall, 2018

    The 7th Autumn Light Festival


    Oakland, CA 10/18-20/2018


  • Take Me Home

    Nothing happier than someone loves my art works and willing to take them home...


    Roaring Waves in Open Sea

    Artist:Stella Chen

    Title:Roaring Waves in Open Sea

    Medium:Oil on Canvas

    Size: 20''



    Collector: Jeff (Entrepreneur)


    Field Of Poppies

    Artist:Stella Chen

    Title:The Field of Poppies

    Medium:Oil on Canvas

    Size: 20''



    Collector: Shelley ( Artist)


    Loves Of Aurora

    Artist:Stella Chen

    Title:Loves of Aurora

    Medium:Oil on Canvas

    Size" 20''



    Collector: Eliza ( Teacher)


    California Yellow 1&2

    Artist:Stella Chen

    Title:California Yellow

    Medium:Oil on Canvas

    Size: 12''



    Collector: Kaan ( Engineer)


    Tibet Blue 1&2

    Artist:Stella Chen

    Title:Tibet Blue

    Medium:Oil on Canvas

    Size: 12''



    Collector: Tim ( Real Estate Investor)

  • Kaan and his girlfriend will move to Austin, Texas.


    "California Yellow 1&2" are the best reminder of California.

    Who are the happy collectors?

    Will you be the next one?

    Eliza said she couldn't wait to go home and place "Loves Of Aurora" on her bedroom wall...

    Tim asked me "What inspired you to paint these two pieces?" I told him I have always wanted to travel to Tibet but have not had that chance, so it is one of my dreams.


    Tibet Blue itself was inspired by a friend--Wei 's photographies. These two lakes are well-known in Tibet(out of 3), and they are the most striking of nature's beauties and purely spiritual to Tibetans .

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  • About Stella

    I am just an ordinary person who loves to express my true feeling of life. To do what I believe and believe what I do... keep it simple and clear, that is all.


    Occupation: California Licensed Real Estate Agent /J.Rockcliff Realtors


    Vice President of San Leandro Art Association, CA

    Member of ART.Inc, CA

    Member of Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

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